About our restaurant


People visit restaurants on various occasions. Some like celebrating birthdays there, while others consider these places as the best ones for business meetings. Couples in love also go out on romantic dates there. Many individuals visit restaurants just to have a delicious meal, especially those who don’t like cooking. A lot of dishes are quite challenging to cook at home, without proficiency in the culinary art. Even if you are a good cook, you can still take a break from buying food, preparing a lunch and washing up. In fact, eating out is not only convenient, but also gives an opportunity to get fresh ideas about the dishes to cook at home.

Meet our staff

Richard Cox
Richard Cox

Richard Cox is one of the most renowned chefs, and we are happy to have him in our team. With cooking experience of more than 10 years, he is a desired guest on many TV shows and cooking masterclasses.

Karen Richardson
Karen Richardson

Karen Richardson, who is now an assistant chef at Giglio restaurant in LA, is a daughter of the famous English chef Catherine Richardson. As a proud successor of Richardson’s dynasty, Karen has numerously proved her skills since the very

Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman, a sous-chef at Giglio restaurant in Los Angeles, is famous for his main courses included in our menu. He made a great career during the last 10 years, and Los Angeles branch of Giglio restaurants just helped

Main dishes

Free Delivery

If you have no time to visit our restaurant, we will deliver your favorite food right to your doorstep for free.  

Competitive Prices

Our price list ranges from 30$ to 400$, which makes it affordable to people with any level of incomes.

Excellent Service

Being highly committed to our clients, we offer top-notch service to make sure everyone is satisfied.